Relationship Issues Counselling

Relationship Issues Counselling

When relationships hit difficulty or face a possible end, people often feel overwhelmed by their emotional reactions and it can be a time of extreme stress and in some cases potential harm. Relationship counselling can help you focus on what is causing the difficulty in your relationship and help you with ways to address this.

Counselling offers a safe place to talk through the difficulties in your relationship and gain a deeper understanding of what may be causing problems.  Whilst friends and family can be a source of support in many cases, often when it comes to relationship problems they may have a vested interest in what you choose to do, or may disagree with your choices. The benefit of talking through issues with a counsellor is that the space is entirely focussed on you and your needs, allowing you the space to properly reflect on what you need from a relationship, and whether the one you are in can meet that.

If you are suffering because of relationship problems, counselling or psychotherapy can help you discover healthier patterns of relating to others.

I am located at two sites in Birmingham, the Birmingham Holistic Centre in Kings Norton, and Central England Holistic Therapies in Kings Heath. I offer psychotherapy and counselling sessions Monday to Friday with some weekends also available.

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