Life Cycle Transition Support Counselling in Birmingham

Life Cycle Transitions Support

Typical family transition points may include a relationship becoming more committed (e.g. moving in together or marrying); birth of a child (and subsequent children); child starting primary school and then secondary school; adolescence; work/study changes; children leaving home; retirement; birth of grandchildren, or the death of parent to name but a few.

As well as the typical transition points in families, there will be other unexpected events which will serve as transition points, producing may big shifts in our ability to function. These could include such things as parental separation, illness, unexpected death, unemployment, financial difficulties, or onset of mental illness.

Counselling can help you navigate through these events in life, and the impact these changes have had on you and your family.

I am located at two sites in Birmingham, the Birmingham Holistic Centre in Kings Norton, and Central England Holistic Therapies in Kings Heath. I offer psychotherapy and counselling sessions Monday to Friday with some weekends also available.

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