Anger Management Counselling

Anger… and other emotions

Anger in itself is not a bad emotion and is a normal human response. Being angry when we see injustice can be seen as healthy and has driven people to contribute to changes in the world. It can be a signal which alerts you to the fact that somebody has stepped over your psychological boundary, it can motivate you to be more assertive. Sometimes anger can be very energising and give you the capacity you need to survive difficult times. It allows you to protect yourself and those you care about. It is a normal response when experiencing loss or rejection, or when life does not turn out as you want it to.

Problems do occur when anger starts to impact on your ability to operate in your relationships. Often people have not learnt to express their anger in healthy ways. Using it to control others, outbursts of rage, and verbal attacks, can all cause problems in your relationships.

Anger turned against the self or unexpressed can also cause problems. Many people have learned in their early lives that expressing anger is wrong, resulting in the suppression of anger, which can contribute towards depression, and other illnesses.

Counselling can help in a number of ways, from exploring the underlying causes of the anger which can sometimes come from the past, to connecting with anger if this is difficult, and learning to express it in appropriate ways.

I am located at two sites in Birmingham, the Birmingham Holistic Centre in Kings Norton, and Central England Holistic Therapies in Kings Heath. I offer psychotherapy and counselling sessions Monday to Friday with some weekends also available.

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